What We Do

In this area of the blog I will explain what our crew does here on a day by day basis here at Linden. Jobs that we do here range from mowing to trying to kill those pesky moles. I will give a rough estimate of the time that it takes and what we try and accomplish. Sometimes these plans do not go as well as we want. This year alone breaking in the new irrigation system killed a lot of plans at the beginning of the season. We also had a lot of side work like filling in trenches which we have not been able to finish quite yet.

There are also a lot of jobs that we cannot schedule as it depends on if something goes wrong. We will need to do mechanical work from time to time I estimate that we do 100-200 hours a year. We will also need to work on sprinklers or audit the system to try and dial it in. We will be making a hot spot program this year as well which will allow us to water area that need it even if the rest of the course does not.

There are also other items that effect how long every job takes and it can add a lot of time to mowing especially. The biggest slow down we have is a high volume of play. Whenever there is a lot of golfer on the course it adds about an hour to most mowing jobs as we have to work around it. Please do no jump on an open hole because we are probably mowing inside that gap.

There are a lot of jobs that we do every now and again that cannot be scheduled as well.

Some of those jobs are,

Grinding of reels and back lapping of reels, this can take anywhere from 4 hours for a set of greens to 20 hours for the 7 fairway reels.

Cleaning the shop, I really hate working in a dirty shop. It needs to be done multiple times a year. We will remove the equipment and sweep out the entire area. We usually only do this during long wet days.

Projects, I try my very hardest to never do projects in the growing season but sometimes I am out voted.  They take away the crew from the course but usually need to be done.

There are many other little jobs around the course from tree pruning to fixing garage doors that we do as well.