Nov. 20, 2018

Our planed Monday jobs

Just like most country clubs we have a Monday maintenance day here at Linden. It is the best day of the week to try and get sanding or spraying done.

Course set up, typically 4 hours.

Mow or roll greens, 2/4 hours. We mow greens if the grass needs it otherwise we roll them.

Bunkers, 2 hours

Surrounds, this takes 8 hours or more to complete.

Mow rough, this actually takes 16-20 hours.

Fairways, 4-6 hours depending on mow direction.

Tees and Apps, This can take up to 7 hours depending on mow direction.

Hand water, only during the hot months and it can take up to 5 hours depending on how lean on water we are running the greens.

For the first time we will spray every other Monday to every third Monday. We have always sprayed when we need it only on tees and apps as well as fairways. We will now spray greens, tees & apps and fairways. This will take at least 8 hours.

With all of the jobs that we have on Mondays sometimes they run into the next day or I have to drop a job like bunkers. A few times a week we do not actually have to hours to cover every job that we do.