Nov. 20, 2018

Biggest day of the week

Wednesday is the biggest day of the week and we do not get it all finished from time to time.

Mow and roll greens, One person 2 hours, one person 4 hours.

Course setup, 2-4 hours

Mow fairways, 4-6 hours Depending on direction and this is usually our fastest mowing direction day.

Mow any rough that is left, 2-4 Hours

Mow surrounds, 8 hours

Mow tee's & apps, 4-6 hours once again we usually do the fastest mow on Wednesdays.

Bunkers, 2 hours

Hand water, 3-5 hours

Wednesday is by far the most difficult day not only due to the volume of jobs but there is usually a lot of play. We will also double roll many of these days if it looks like we will have the time it adds about an hour.