Deep Tine Drill Aeration

This is a deep tine drill machine.

It goes about 12" deep, We use 4.5-5.5" tines

We have deep tined our greens here every three to five years as needed since I have been here. We usually do it when the greens start holding water in the winter. Its cost compared to dryject is considerably lower. When we did dryject it cost $11,000-$12,000 dollars. In comparison the deep tine aeration cost about $3500 dollars. It has been a very beneficial way of getting the best drainage we can out of aeration. It does add some extra work because we have to put sand down before they aerate. We also punch over the top of their holes adding a little sand cost and extra holes. The spacing on the drill tine machine is quite far apart and does not allow for it to be standalone aeration.